Cheeky Chillers

Cheeky Chillers were released as collectible minis at Gloria Jeans Coffee shops in Australia. Nick Did This was commissioned to bring to life a handful of these cheeky little characters for social media.


Cheeky Chillers were provided as 3D models, the poses were baked and the topology never intended for animation. As an initial get it done process, stills were rendered from Blender and animated in After Effects. See Sour Puss.

The gestures and expressions possible via this method were limited so the 3D models were refined for rigging and animation. The scenes were rendered in Blender using the Eevee realtime renderer (~4sec per frame on a specced out iMac Pro).

This cheeky behind the scenes provides a glimpse of the technical process.

  • Agency – Nick Did This
  • Character Design – Dee Mushcab
  • 3D Modeler – Firose K.P.
  • Animation – Laurence Yates
project image project image